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Riso print by Laurent Impeduglia #7

  • Printed at Frau Steiner 
  • Edited by Grafik
  • Signed by the artist
  • A3 format


BIO Laurent Impeduglia


Born in 1974 in Liège, Laurent Impeduglia teaches drawing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts/School of Art. Recognized on the international scene, he has been delivering a collection of work fuelled by vivid colors and explosive lettering. Handling a strong iconoclastic charge and bursts of burlesque humor, he undermines some sacred values of the globalized world, felt as alienations: art, money, work, nationalisms, religions, beliefs of any kind. Impeduglia's work also juggles with the cultural references of his generation. As a child of the 80's, he is fascinated by the cults that found society, the mythologisms and heroisations, the power of the counter-culture, industrial manufacturing and the fetishism of the merchandising.

Riso print - Laurent Impeduglia #7

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