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'Maybe Tomorrow' - Yeye Weller (D)
20.10.2022 I 19:00 - 22:00



YEYE WELLER - They work and live as an illustration duo in Munster, Germany. They like colors, soccer and the sidecar cocktail. No need to have smart message or a device for freedom, their illustrations come as they are: happy, colorful and bright.


About the Exhibition

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ - No one is perfect, that´s for sure. And we don´t even try to be perfect. We stand by our weaknesses and mistakes. So come over and celebrate the little imperfections with us.

#meet Yeye Weller at the Opening SHOW thursday 20.10.2022 @ Grafik! #wallpainting#prints #shirts #pins

Link to: Facebook - eventpage

Avenue Louis Bertrand 30, 1030 Brussels

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