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Mural Pogge 
Brussels Biodivercity

Wallpainting realised by Grafik for the Contrat de Quartier Pogge. Grafik was contacted as a local artistic actor in the Pogge neighbourhood. Citizens got to vote about the topic, 400 inhabitants participated and picked the theme: Fauna and flora. 

After some research on the website of Bruxelles environment Grafik made a proposal asked all the permits and placed the mural september 2021. 


The mural is 12m high and represents different species that live in Brussels, including the more exotic Peruche/ Halsbandparkiet.  

You can find the Mural on the crossing of Rue des aillés and rue general Eenens. 

Illustration by Leticia Sere

Painted with @jango_jim

247169034_1609928456024123_8787734263812998977_n-2 2.JPG
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