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My Friend 我が友
17.02.2023 - 20.04.2023 
We discovered her work and fell in love with the mysterious dark and playful world she creates, including cute characters and fun objects with a touch of surrealism. TRAMPOLINE will present a collection of limited riso prints at Grafik. For this solo exhibition TRAMPOLINE created illustrations about the love of friends, best friends and family, and the various forms it takes! 

Trampoline likes to mix dark and very pop drawings at the same time, to create a strange but also playful, childish atmosphere. She loves to play on these paradoxes. This is also reflected in her characters. For example, she will draw a cute character who cries or has a big shadow on his face. She is attracted to these contradictory visuals. This "weirdness" that exists in her illustrations is a bit of a reflection of what the brain, the imagination of a small child might be. Born and raised in Kyoto, Trampoline has always loved drawing and painting. She went on to study typography at Kyoto University of the Arts. Stopped for a while with drawing. But after her son was born, the illustrator found a new lease of life within her work. She rediscovered the interest in expressing her daily life. Bringing us into the present, we now see Trampoline as a fully formed artist: an illustrator and a mother, creating some of her most exciting work to date. Mixing a combination of light and dark impressions with pop-style characters and a hint of childlike playfulness, these fascinating images embody Trampoline’s wealth of experience. Although there is no overriding message underlining her bold works, there is certainly a desire to entertain.
Vernissage 17.02.2023 I 19:00-22:00
Exhibition from 17.02-20.04.2023
Avenue Louis Bertrand 30, 
1030 Brussels

Poster Trampoline A3.jpg
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