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Visages du Temps gives life to the impossible objects of Stein’s comics through the parodic form of an exhibition catalogue. The book is a virtual guide through an imaginative exhibition, with text (in both French and English) that offers insight into the works and their production, as well as details such as title, medium, and dimensions. Materials range from synthetic flesh and rainwater to grinded bones and homeopathic granules; media range from sculpture and works on canvas to 3D prints and animated GIFs. While one could read this as a comment on curation or the nature of the exhibition in a post-modern culture, it functions most dazzlingly as a showcase of Stein’s boundless imagination. We see similar objects in Stein’s wordless comics work, but here he is given the opportunity to reconcile their presence in space, to elaborate on their imagined process, and offer hints at their prescient and novel themes.

Visages du temps - Sammy Stein

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