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Grafik x Anima Festival

Print collab: @grafik1030 x @animafestbxl

Brussels Animation Festival

Find a selection of prints from directors/animators screened at @animafestbxl ! The A3 prints were exhibited in the foyer and available at the Anima Shop and now at Grafik.

Discover beautiful risoprints by @ramandjafari

Raman Djafari is an illustrator, animator and filmmaker based in Hamburg, Germany. With a background in illustration and design they ventured into animation, film and music videos. Through their work they tell both surreal and fragmented narratives that explore the human condition. Next to their own creative work they also teach animation and illustration.

“The way music can so easily transition from atmospheric abstraction to narrative content is something that heavily influences the way I approach both my film making as well as my illustrative work.”

Published by @grafik1030 Printed by @frausteinerstudio

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