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Exhibition SeeSun Collective (Rotterdam,NL)

OPENING SeeSun Collective - 'Toys toys toys'

We are very excited to announce upcoming group exhibition with SeeSunCollective from Rotterdam (NL): Join in friday 12 july for the opening of TOYSTOYSTOYS!

Lots of fresh prints, a free welcome drink and DJ!

Meet and greet with Rotterdam artists of See&Sun

Live electronic music by K9K!

Exhibition : 13.07.2024 - 12.09.2024

Vernissage : 12.07.2024 > 18:00-22:00


See and Sun Collective are 6 illustrator friends and collective based in Rotterdam (NL). They share their love for illustration, risography and murals. They also have a strong connection with South-Korea and its visual culture.

As a collective, one of things that brought them together is their love for toys. Even after childhood, they have all continued collecting toys and appreciating their design, using them as a significant source of inspiration in their work.

“What if we brought back our inner child-like playfulness?” For this exhibition, the members of See collective each explore this question, creating prints and paintings, as well as 3D objects, as a result.



Sona Lee 쏘냐리

Levi Jacobs 레비야콥스

Draw Soso 드로우소소

K9k 카네흔카

Kidkura 키드쿠라

Lize Prins 리제프린스


Supported by//

Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in België, Vedett


Avenue Louis Bertrandlaan 30

1030 Brussels

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