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Graphic novel launch : 'Pardalita' by Joana Estrela (PT) - Thursday 24th august

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Welcome @ Grafik for the book launch of graphic novel 'Pardalita' in presence of portages author and illustrator Joana Estrela! Doors and drink from 19-21h!

__ PARDALITA - Summary When Raquel begins telling her story, Pardalita has already entered her life. She didn’t enter suddenly, but rather slowly and subtly, first in the school hallways and later in the theater rehearsals. Raquel only knows her by sight, but is constantly waiting to see her again and begins to notice little details — the tag on Pardalita’s sweater touching the skin of her neck. Raquel wonders: “How far away can you be from someone without them noticing you don’t want any distance at all”?

__ BIO Hello! My name is Joana Estrela. I’m a illustrator and author. I was born in 1990 and grew up in Penafiel, Portugal. It’s not a very big city but it has a statue of a dragon-snake on the main avenue, and that’s something. I studied Communication Design in Porto’s Fine Art Faculty, and still live and work next door to the school. In 2014, Plana published my first book: Propaganda. In 2016, Planeta Tangerina published Mana, the winner of 1st Serpa Internacional Award for Picture Books. The book received the award for Best Illustration of a Picturebook (Portuguese Author) in Amadora BD, the same year. ___

Pardalita Joana Estrela Graphic novel over nietsontziende verliefdheid

De zestienjarige Raquel woont in een kleine stad in Portugal waar iedereen elkaar kent. Haar ouders zijn gescheiden en dat is klote. De leraren op school doen vervelend, maar gelukkig heeft ze haar vriendinnen.

Als het wat oudere en opvallende meisje Pardalita bij haar op school komt, kan Raquel niet meer helder denken. Ze wil alleen nog maar in de buurt van Pardalita zijn. Haar vriendje Miguel ziet ze niet meer staan. ‘Ben ik dit?’ vraagt Raquel zich af. Is ze verliefd geworden op een meisje?

In samenwerking met L&M Books Uitgegeven door Querido

GRAFIK Avenue Louis Bertrandlaan 30 1030 Brussels 0495 81 27 95

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