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Olivier Schrauwen: Book signing & exhibition

BOOKRELEASE graphic novel ‘Zondag’ by Olivier Schrauwen Published at @bries_publishing

Thu 28.12 - 18 > 22u in Grafik, Brussels BOOK SIGNING + EXPO __ Preorder at Bries and Grafik

Olivier Schrauwen (b. 1977) calls himself a tinkerer. Since his award-winning debut My Boy, Schrauwen’s work has achieved international success, and the author has become something of a phenomenon. He has a highly confident style that teeters between fluid naturalism and graphic abstraction. Schrauwen's comics are consistently surprising, while unraveling a mysterious thread that binds all of his works together. Art Spiegelman (of ‘Maus’ fame) referred to him as ‘the most original cartoonist I’ve fallen onto since Chris Ware or Ben Katchor’.


‘Zondag’ is a detailed reflection of a day in the life of Thibault Schrauwen, nephew of the author. That autumn day in 2017 was not a randomly chosen day: it was a day filled with aimlessness, boredom, idleness, For Thibault, it was another 'wasted day'. When he told his cousin Olivier about it, he immediately realised that this was an ideal subject for a new graphic novel. At Thibault's suggestion, Olivier meticulously inventoried the events of that particular Sunday. He then went on to talk to people who had had dealings with Thibault that day and noted down their stories too. From all these elements, he constructed the magisterial graphic novel Sunday.

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